What products are best for grading?

We grade anything – however – we specialize in value grading. If you have rare, expensive cards you may find other grading services more appropriate. Our offerings are intended to add value but not meant to replace the industries leading vendors for high end grading. If you need to authenticate cards and grade lower value cards, you have come to the right place.

Do you insure my cards?

We insure product while it is in our possession for grading. We do not insure it during the transit from you to us. We offer separate options for long term storage insurance for drop ship products. We generally return your items with shipping insurance unless you ask for it to be removed.

Does your grading work with EBay?

Yes! Once we have graded or authenticated your items you can list them as graded on EBay instead of “used”. If you intend to do this on a regular basis for sealed product make sure to check our rates for the best deals.

How do you return my items?

We offer value grading – each service describes the typical return product. Generally products are returned packed in a tamper proof way along with their proof of grading or authentication. We usually return them via Postal Mail but can also return via courier of your choice.

I’ve seen your items on Walmart – how does that work?

We do provide graded items that are sold by vendors on Walmart. Through our relationships with those vendors we can provide options for drop shipping your items to Walmart customers. This is only an option for new, sealed product that has been graded. Walmart does not list individual cards.

I need to know more?

Call us. 877-734-6044.